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The `creature_ai_texts` and `script_texts` table

This table holds all the texts used within the eventai (ACID) scripts. This table handles the actual text, display type (say/yell/emote) and corresponding sounds or emote (if any).


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
entry mediumint(8) signed PRI NO NULL
npc_entry* mediumint(8) signed PRI NO 0 creature_template entry
content_default text signed NO NULL
content_loc1 text signed YES NULL
content_loc2 text signed YES NULL
content_loc3 text signed YES NULL
content_loc4 text signed YES NULL
content_loc5 text signed YES NULL
content_loc6 text signed YES NULL
content_loc7 text signed YES NULL
content_loc8 text signed YES NULL
sound mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
type tintint(3) unsigned NO 0
language tintint(3) unsigned NO 0
emote smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
comment text signed YES NULL

Description of the fields


This is the entry of the text. It corresponds to a script using Action 1 (ACTION_T_SAY) in the eventai_scripts table. This number is always negative.


This field is present in script_texts table ONLY. This is the creature_template.entry to which the script is linked to.


This is the actual text presented in the default language (English).


This is the actual text presented in the Localization #(1-8) Clients

Value Localization
1 Korean
2 French
3 German
4 Chinese
5 Taiwanese
6 Spanish
7 Spanish Mexico
8 Russian


Value Localization
12 Say
14 Yell
16 Emote
41 Boss Emote
15 Whisper
42 Boss Whisper


This is the sound Id that will play with along with the corresponding text. All sounds are from sounds.dbc.


This is the in-game language of the text. Languages are from Languages.dbc.


This is the emote that the creature performs along with the corresponding text.


This field allows you to label a text entry.