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The `creature_template` table

This table contains the description of creatures. Each spawned creature is an instance of a template present in this table, this means every creature MUST be defined in this table.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
entry mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0
difficulty_entry_1 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
difficulty_entry_2 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
difficulty_entry_3 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
KillCredit1 int(11) unsigned NO 0
KillCredit2 int(11) unsigned NO 0
modelid1 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
modelid2 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
modelid3 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
modelid4 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
name char(100) signed NO 0
subname char(100) signed YES NULL
IconName char(100) signed YES NULL
gossip_menu_id mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
minlevel tinyint(3) unsigned NO 1
maxlevel tinyint(3) unsigned NO 1
exp smallint(2) signed NO 0
faction_A smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
faction_H smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
npcflag int(10) unsigned NO 0
speed_walk float signed NO 1 Result of 2.5/2.5, most common value
speed_run float signed NO 1.14286 Result of 8.0/7.0, most common value
scale float signed NO 1
rank tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
mindmg float signed NO 0
maxdmg float signed NO 0
dmgschool tinyint(4) signed NO 0
attackpower int(10) unsigned NO 0
dmg_multiplier float signed NO 1
baseattacktime int(10) unsigned NO 0
rangeattacktime int(10) unsigned NO 0
unit_class tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
unit_flags int(10) unsigned NO 0
dynamicflags int(10) unsigned NO 0
family tinyint(4) signed NO 0
trainer_type tinyint(4) signed NO 0
trainer_spell mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
trainer_class tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
trainer_race tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
minrangedmg float signed NO 0
maxrangedmg float signed NO 0
rangedattackpower smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
type tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
type_flags int(10) unsigned NO 0
lootid mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
pickpocketloot mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
skinloot mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
resistance1 smallint(5) signed NO 0
resistance2 smallint(5) signed NO 0
resistance3 smallint(5) signed NO 0
resistance4 smallint(5) signed NO 0
resistance5 smallint(5) signed NO 0
resistance6 smallint(5) signed NO 0
spell1 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
spell2 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
spell3 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
spell4 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
spell5 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
spell6 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
spell7 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
spell8 mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
PetSpellDataId mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
VehicleId mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
mingold mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
maxgold mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
AIName char(64) signed NO "
MovementType tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
InhabitType tinyint(3) unsigned NO 3
Health_mod float signed NO 1
Mana_mod float signed NO 1
Armor_mod float signed NO 1
RacialLeader tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
QuestItem1 int(11) unsigned NO 0
QuestItem2 int(11) unsigned NO 0
QuestItem3 int(11) unsigned NO 0
QuestItem4 int(11) unsigned NO 0
QuestItem5 int(11) unsigned NO 0
QuestItem6 int(11) unsigned NO 0
movementID int(11) unsigned NO 0
RegenHealth tinyint(3) unsigned NO 1
equipment_id mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
mechanic_immune_mask int(10) unsigned NO 0
flags_extra int(10) unsigned NO 0
ScriptName char(64) signed NO "
WDBVerified smallint(5) signed YES 1

Description of the fields


Creature's unique id.


This field connects the stats from another entry to this template when in 25man normal, 10man heroic or 25man heroic mode instance.


If this is a kill credit template -- one that is a dummy template that is used when more than one creature can count as a kill in a quest, then this is a link the the fist entry of the creature that could be killed to give quest credit.


If this is a kill credit template -- one that is a dummy template that is used when more than one creature can count as a kill in a quest, then this is a link the the second entry of the creature that could be killed to give quest credit. If more than two creatures can be killed and count toward a single objective, an EAI or C++ script will be required.


A random graphical model that the client applies on this creature. This is a creature_model_info.entry


Base name of the creature.


The subname of the creature that appears in <> below the creature's name.


Script icon used by guards with directions menu.


The gossip ID of this creature. This field is obtained from sniff (update fields). If you can not sniff this value, and need to make one up, it must be > 50000. This field is the link to gossip_menu.entry.


The minimum level of the creature if the creature has a level range.


The maximum level of the creature if the creature has a level range. When added to world, a level in chosen in the specified level range.


The expansion table the creatures health value is taken from. Values are from 0 to 3.

Value 0 = PreTBC - BASEHP0

Value 1 = TBC - BASEHP1

Value 2 = WOTLK - BASEHP2

Value 3 = Cataclysm - BASEHP3


The faction if the creature is on the alliance side. See FactionTemplate.dbc. Just because more than one faction has the same name, the inter-faction relationships can be different.

Note: This field also controls the creature family assistance mechanic. Only creatures with the same faction will assist each other.


The faction if the creature is on the horde side. See FactionTemplate.dbc. Just because more than one faction has the same name, the inter-faction relationships can be different.

Note: This field also controls the creature family assistance mechanic. Only creatures with the same faction will assist each other.


A bitmask that represents what NPC flags the creature has. Each bit controls a different flag and to combine flags, you can add each flag that you want, in effect activating the respective bits.

Flag Name Comment
1 0x0000 0001 Gossip If creature has more gossip options, add this flag to bring up a menu.
2 0x0000 0002 Quest Giver Any creature giving or taking quests needs to have this flag.
16 0x0000 0010 Trainer Allows the creature to have a trainer list to teach spells
32 0x0000 0020 Class Trainer
64 0x0000 0040 Profession Trainer
128 0x0000 0080 Vendor Any creature selling items needs to have this flag.
256 0x0000 0100 Vendor Ammo
512 0x0000 0200 Vendor Food
1024 0x0000 0400 Vendor Poison
2048 0x0000 0800 Vendor Reagent
4096 0x0000 1000 Repairer Creatures with this flag can repair items.
8192 0x0000 2000 Flight Master Any creature serving as fly master has this.
16384 0x0000 4000 Spirit Healer Makes the creature invisible to alive characters and has the resurrect function.
32768 0x0000 8000 Spirit Guide
65536 0x0001 0000 Innkeeper Creatures with this flag can set hearthstone locations.
131072 0x0002 0000 Banker Creatures with this flag can show the bank
262144 0x0004 0000 Petitioner
524288 0x0008 0000 Tabard Designer Allows the designing of guild tabards.
1048576 0x0010 0000 Battlemaster Creatures with this flag port players to battlegrounds.
2097152 0x0020 0000 Auctioneer Allows creature to display auction list.
4194304 0x0040 0000 Stable Master Has the option to stable pets for hunters.
8388608 0x0080 0000 Guild Banker
16777216 0x0100 0000 Spellclick Needs data on npc_spellclick_spells table

So if you want an NPC that is a quest giver, a vendor, and can repair you just add the specific flags together: 1 + 2 + 128 + 4096 = 4227.
The same with hexadecimal numbers: 0x1 + 0x2 + 0x80 + 0x1000 = 0x1083


Controls how fast the creature can walk. For vehicles: increases fly speed.


Controls how fast the creature can run. For vehicles: increases ground movement speed.


If non-zero, this field defines the size of how the model of the creature appears ingame. If zero, it will use default model size taken from the DBC.


The rank of the creature:

Rank Name Comments
0 Normal
1 Elite Higher damage, more health, better loot.
2 Rare Elite A rare mob but with elite damage and health.
3 World Boss Highest rank, best loot, longest respawn time.
4 Rare Somewhat better loot, longer respawn time.
5 Unknown


Minimum damage the creature deals in melee. This field is no longer combined with the attackpower field to calculate the damage.


Maximum damage the creature deals in melee. This field is no longer combined with the attackpower field to calculate the damage.


Creature's melee damage school.

ID Name


The attack power for the creature's melee attacks. This field along with mindmg and maxdmg dictate how much the creature will hit for. The formula in applying correct damages is as follows:

UPDATE `creature_template` SET 
    `mindmg` = <#1>, 
    `maxdmg` = <#2>, 
    `attackpower` = ROUND((`mindmg` + `maxdmg`) / 4 * 7), 
    `mindmg` = ROUND(`mindmg` - `attackpower` / 7), 
    `maxdmg` = ROUND(`maxdmg` - `attackpower` / 7) 
  WHERE `entry` = ...

In the query above, substitute '<#1>' with the minimum damage you want the creature to deal and '<#2>' with the maximum damage you want the creature to deal.

NOTE: You might also want to double check the values calculated after the query is run because if the difference between mindmg and maxdmg is too high, mindmg will end up being a negative value.


Multiplier for mindmg and maxdmg

Example: mindmg=200 maxdmg = 500 dmg_multiplier = 10

Outcome: mob will hit for 2000-5000


This is the base time that determines how long a creature must wait between melee attacks. This time is in milliseconds.


This is the base time that determines how long a creature must wait between ranged attacks. This time is in milliseconds.


This is the creatures class:

Class name Value


Allows the manual application of unit flags to creatures. Again this is a bitmask field and to apply more than one flag, just add the different numbers. Some possible flags are:

Flag Name Comments
1 0x0000 0001 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_0
8 0x0000 0008 UNIT_FLAG_PVP_ATTACKABLE Allows to apply pvp rules to attackable state in addition to faction dependent state
16 0x0000 0010 UNIT_FLAG_RENAME
32 0x0000 0020 UNIT_FLAG_PREPARATION Don't take reagents for spells with SPELL_ATTR_EX5_NO_REAGENT_WHILE_PREP
64 0x0000 0040 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_6
256 0x0000 0100 UNIT_FLAG_OOC_NOT_ATTACKABLE 2.0.8 - (OOC Out Of Combat) Cannot be attacked when not in combat. Removed if unit for some reason enter combat.
512 0x0000 0200 UNIT_FLAG_PASSIVE makes you unable to attack everything. Almost identical to our "civilian"-term.

Will ignore it's surroundings and not engage in combat unless "called upon" or engaged by another unit.

1024 0x0000 0400 UNIT_FLAG_LOOTING Loot animation
2048 0x0000 0800 UNIT_FLAG_PET_IN_COMBAT In combat? 2.0.8
4096 0x0000 1000 UNIT_FLAG_PVP Changed in 3.0.3
8192 0x0000 2000 UNIT_FLAG_SILENCED Can't cast spells
16384 0x0000 4000 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_14 2.0.8
32768 0x0000 8000 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_15
65536 0x0001 0000 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_16
131072 0x0002 0000 UNIT_FLAG_PACIFIED 3.0.3 ok
262144 0x0004 0000 UNIT_FLAG_STUNNED 3.0.3 ok
524288 0x0008 0000 UNIT_FLAG_IN_COMBAT
1048576 0x0010 0000 UNIT_FLAG_TAXI_FLIGHT Disable casting at client side spell not allowed by taxi flight (mounted?), probably used with 0x4 flag
2097152 0x0020 0000 UNIT_FLAG_DISARMED 3.0.3, disable melee spells casting..., "Required melee weapon" added to melee spells tooltip.
4194304 0x0040 0000 UNIT_FLAG_CONFUSED
8388608 0x0080 0000 UNIT_FLAG_FLEEING
16777216 0x0100 0000 UNIT_FLAG_PLAYER_CONTROLLED Used in spell Eyes of the Beast for pet... let attack by controlled creature
33554432 0x0200 0000 UNIT_FLAG_NOT_SELECTABLE Can't be selected by mouse
67108864 0x0400 0000 UNIT_FLAG_SKINNABLE
134217728 0x0800 0000 UNIT_FLAG_MOUNT The client seems to handle it perfectly
268435456 0x1000 0000 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_28
536870912 0x2000 0000 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_29 Used in Feing Death spell
1073741824 0x4000 0000 UNIT_FLAG_SHEATHE
2147483648 0x8000 0000 UNIT_FLAG_UNK_31


Flags that control visual appearance of the creature.

A few known flags and their use are:

Flag Name Comments
4 0x04 UNIT_DYNFLAG_OTHER_TAGGER Makes creatures name appear grey (good for simulating dead creatures)
32 0x20 UNIT_DYNFLAG_DEAD Makes the creature appear dead (this DOES NOT make the creatures name grey)


The family this creature belongs to.

ID Family ID Family
1 Wolf 26 Owl
2 Cat 27 Wind Serpent
3 Spider 28 Remote Control
4 Bear 29 Felguard
5 Boar 30 Dragonhawk
6 Crocolisk 31 Ravager
7 Carrion Bird 32 Warp Stalker
8 Crab 33 Sporebat
9 Gorilla 34 Nether Ray
11 Raptor 35 Serpent
12 Tallstrider 37 Moth
15 Felhunter 38 Chimaera
16 Voidwalker 39 Devilsaur
17 Succubus 40 Ghoul
19 Doomguard 41 Silithid
20 Scorpid 42 Worm
21 Turtle 43 Rhino
23 Imp 44 Wasp
24 Bat 45 Core Hound
25 Hyena 46 Spirit Beast


If the NPC is a trainer (has the trainer flag), then this field controls what kind of trainer it is. Both this field and the related field must be filled in for a trainer to work correctly.

ID Type Related Field Comments
0 TRAINER_TYPE_CLASS trainer_class Trains class spells
1 TRAINER_TYPE_MOUNTS trainer_race Trains riding skill
2 TRAINER_TYPE_TRADESKILLS trainer_spell Trains professions
3 TRAINER_TYPE_PETS trainer_class Trains pet skills


If the NPC is a trainer that teaches professions (trainer_type == 2), then the player must already know the spell ID specified here to be able to talk to this NPC.


If the NPC is a class trainer or a pet trainer (trainer_type == 0 or 3), then the player's class must be the same as the value specified here to talk to this trainer. For pet trainers, this value must be 3 (hunter). See characters.class


If the NPC is a mount trainer (trainer_type == 1), then the player's race must be the same as the value specified here to talk to this trainer. See characters.race


Minimum ranged damage the creature inflicts.


Maximum range damage the creature inflicts.


This field has no description. You can help wiki by clicking here to describe this field, if you have permissions.


The type of the creature.

ID Type
0 None
1 Beast
2 Dragonkin
3 Demon
4 Elemental
5 Giant
6 Undead
7 Humanoid
8 Critter
9 Mechanical
10 Not specified
11 Totem
12 Non-Combat Pet
13 Gas Cloud


This field can control whether a mob is minable or herbable or lootable by enineer. If it is either of those three, then the loot given when it is skinned/mined will be stored in the skinning_loot_template table. It also controls, whether this mob can be tamed by a hunter. Other fields have no special meaning on the serverside. The entire field will be send to the client in SMSG_CREATURE_QUERY_RESPONSE

Some values provided from the community:

Flag Name Comments
1 0x0000 0001 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_TAMEABLE Makes the mob tameable (must also be a beast and have family set)
2 0x0000 0002 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_GHOST Creature are also visible for not alive player. Allow gossip interaction if npcflag allow?
4 0x0000 0004 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK3 Changes creature's visible level to "??"
128 0x0000 0080 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_DEAD_INTERACT Player can interact with the creature if its dead (not player dead)
256 0x0000 0100 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_HERBLOOT Makes mob herbable
512 0x0000 0200 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_MININGLOOT Makes mob minable
1024 0x0000 0400 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK11
2048 0x0000 0800 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_MOUNTED_COMBAT Creature can remain mounted when entering combat
4096 0x0000 1000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_AID_PLAYERS Can aid any player in combat if in range?
8192 0x0000 2000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK14
16384 0x0000 4000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK15
32768 0x0000 8000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_ENGINEERLOOT Makes mob lootable by engineer
65536 0x0001 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_EXOTIC Tamable as an exotic pet. Normal tamable flag must also be set.
131072 0x0002 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK18 Related to vehicles/pvp?
262144 0x0004 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK19 Related to vehicles/siege weapons?
524288 0x0008 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK20
1048576 0x0010 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK21
2097152 0x0020 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK22
4194304 0x0040 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK23
8388608 0x0080 0000 CREATURE_TYPEFLAGS_UNK24 First seen in 3.2.2. Related to banner/backpack of creature/companion?


The ID of the loot template ID that this creature should use to generate loots. See creature_loot_template.entry


The ID of the pickpocketing loot template that this creature should use to generate pickpocketing loots. See pickpocketing_loot_template.entry


The ID of the skinning loot template that this creature should use to generate skinning loots. See skinning_loot_template.entry


Holy resistance.


Fire resistance.


Nature resistance.


Frost resistance.


Shadow resistance.


Arcane resistance.


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 1st spell on action bar


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 2nd spell on action bar


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 3rd spell on action bar


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 4th spell on action bar


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 5th spell on action bar


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 6th spell on action bar


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 7th spell on action bar


Spell ID that can be used for Mind Control of this creature.
For vehicle creatures: 8th spell on action bar


ID, found in CreatureSpellData.dbc, that displays what spells the pet has in the client.


Entryid of Vehicle if creature is/has a vehicle entry. This field determines how the player appears on the vehicle, how the vehicle moves, and whether or not the vehicle action bar is shown. For example, a VehicleID of 292 will make the player invisible, prevent the vehicle from strafing left/right (but will allow fowards/backwards), and will show the vehicle action bar spells (which are defined in spell1-8). An npc_spellclick_spells entry must be made for this creature entry in order for this to work.


Minimum money that the creature drops when killed, in copper.


Maximum money that the creature drops when killed, in copper.


This field is overridden by ScriptName field if both are set.

Name Description
NullAI Empty AI, creature does nothing.
AggressorAI Creature attacks as soon as something is in aggro range.
ReactorAI Creature attacks only if aggroed by attack, spell etc.
PetAI Creature is a pet.
TotemAI Creature casts spell from field spell1, otherwise like NullAI.
EventAI Creature uses event based AI.
SmartAI Creature uses new smart AI.


The creature's default movement type.

ID Type
0 Idle; stay in one place
1 Random movement inside the spawndist radius
2 Waypoint movement


Controls where the creature can move and attack.

Bitmask Type
1 Ground
2 Water
4 Flying

(This is a bitmask'ed value. You can add values together: 1+4=5 would make the creature walk on ground and fly.)


Used to modify the base Level/Class health of a creature. This field comes from WDB.


Used to modify the base Level/Class mana of a creature. This field comes from WDB.


Used to modify the base Level/Class armor of a creature.


A flag indicating wheather the creature is a racial leader. Killing racial leaders grants 100 honor.


Tells the client (mouse-hovering this creature -> tooltip) that this creature will drop the item specified in this field.


We have no idea what this field does. It is passed directly to the client.


Boolean 1 or 0 controlling if the creature should regenerate its health or not.


The default ID of the equipment that this creature should display. See creature_equip_template.entry


This makes the creature immune to specific spell natures. See Spell.dbc at row effect_X_mechanic_id.

Uses references from SpellMechanic.dbc.

Flag Type Comment
1 0x0000 0001 MECHANIC_CHARM
4 0x0000 0004 MECHANIC_DISARM
16 0x0000 0010 MECHANIC_FEAR
32 0x0000 0020 MECHANIC_GRIP Death Grip and similar effects
64 0x0000 0040 MECHANIC_ROOT
128 0x0000 0080 MECHANIC_PACIFY (0 spells use this mechanic)
256 0x0000 0100 MECHANIC_SILENCE
512 0x0000 0200 MECHANIC_SLEEP
1024 0x0000 0400 MECHANIC_SNARE
2048 0x0000 0800 MECHANIC_STUN
4096 0x0000 1000 MECHANIC_FREEZE
8192 0x0000 2000 MECHANIC_KNOCKOUT Knockout,
16384 0x0000 4000 MECHANIC_BLEED
32768 0x0000 8000 MECHANIC_BANDAGE Healing etc.
65536 0x0001 0000 MECHANIC_POLYMORPH
131072 0x0002 0000 MECHANIC_BANISH
262144 0x0004 0000 MECHANIC_SHIELD
524288 0x0008 0000 MECHANIC_SHACKLE
1048576 0x0010 0000 MECHANIC_MOUNT
2097152 0x0020 0000 MECHANIC_INFECTED Blood Plague from Unholy Blight etc.
4194304 0x0040 0000 MECHANIC_TURN e.g. Turn Evil
8388608 0x0080 0000 MECHANIC_HORROR e.g. Death Coil (Warlock)
33554432 0x0200 0000 MECHANIC_INTERRUPT
67108864 0x0400 0000 MECHANIC_DAZE
134217728 0x0800 0000 MECHANIC_DISCOVERY
268435456 0x1000 0000 MECHANIC_IMMUNE_SHIELD
536870912 0x2000 0000 MECHANIC_SAPPED
1073741824 0x4000 0000 MECHANIC_ENRAGED

To combine immunities just add values. Immune to everything corresponds to the value 2147483647 (0x3FFF FFFF).


These flags control certain creature specific attributes.

Flag Type
1 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_INSTANCE_BIND 0x00000001 creature kill binds instance to killer and killer's group
2 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_CIVILIAN 0x00000002 creature does not aggro (ignore faction/reputation hostility)
4 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_PARRY 0x00000004 creature does not parry
8 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_PARRY_HASTEN 0x00000008 creature does not counter-attack at parry
16 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_BLOCK 0x00000010 creature does not block
32 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_CRUSH 0x00000020 creature does not do crush-attacks
64 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_XP_AT_KILL 0x00000040 creature kill does not give XP
128 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_TRIGGER 0x00000080 creature is trigger-NPC (invisible to players only)
256 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_TAUNT 0x00000100 creature is immune to taunt-auras and "attack me"-effects
16384 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_WORLDEVENT 0x00004000 custom flag for world events (left room for merging)
32768 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_GUARD 0x00008000 creature is a guard (Will ignore feign death and vanish)
131072 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_CRIT 0x00020000 creature does not do critical strikes
262144 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_NO_SKILLGAIN 0x00040000 creature won't increase weapon skills
524288 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_TAUNT_DIMINISH 0x00080000 creature taunt is subject to diminishing returns
1048576 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_ALL_DIMINISH 0x00100000 Creature is subject to all diminishing returns
2097152 CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_DUNGEON_BOSS 0x00200000 Creature is a dungeon boss


The name of the script that this creature uses, if any. This ties a script from a scripting engine to this creature.


This field is used by the TrinityDB Team to determine whether a template has been verified from WDB files. Not sure if it is used by Skyfire. It is best to get the correct data to add to database rather than waste time with wrong info.

If value is 0 then it has not been parsed yet.

If value is above 0 then it has been parsed with WDB files from that specific client build.

If value is -1 then it is just a place holder until proper data are found on WDBs.

If value is - client build then it was parsed with WDB files from that specific client build and manually edited later for some special necessity.