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This document describes several guidelines which should be considered when taking part in #project_skyfire discussions.

The rizon network which #project_skyfire resides on has their own network policy which all users should read and understand. Should any of the guidelines laid out in this document conflict with existing rizon policy then the rizon policy will always take precedence.

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure the well being of the channel and that its objectives are respected and maintained.

Channel Rules

Respect the SkyFire License and EULA

Any breach of the SkyFire License and/or EULA within the confines of #project_skyfire will result in a permanent ban.

This can include supporting such violations via voice of personal opinion, linking and/or advertising public game servers, or anything which may be viewed as being contradictory to the SkyFire project objectives.

Ignorance of this rule will result in a permanent ban with no exceptions from both the IRC channel and official forum without prior warning. RTFM

The SkyFire forums and IRC channel are for educational and development purposes only therefor it is expected that you have made a reasonable effort when undergoing tasks. Refer to the section seeking help for more information.

Speak English

You must speak English and English only while participating in public chat. Using an online translator is not acceptable.

Respect Your Audience

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not everyone will agree with it. Keep personal disputes out of the public channel. Make use of your IRC client /ignore nickname command.

Automatic Scripts

Please do not use scripts which will output to the public channel without human intervention. This can include the display of your away status, currently playing mp3, etc. Basically anything which can spam the channel with irrelevant information.

User activated scripts are acceptable to a certain extent although abuse of colors, ASCII or variants of l33tsp34k are greatly discouraged.

Seeking Help

While #project_skyfire isn't considered a support channel there are many knowledgeable people who visit regularly. If you are seeking help in debugging or fixing a problem it is important that you convey your problem in a suitable manner.

When seeking assistance always note that:

   Only the most recent official revision of SkyFire can be supported. If you are using an old revision you should update before asking for help.
   There is extensive documentation for software which SkyFire relies on. This includes Windows/Linux administration, MySQL server etc.

How To Ask A Question

If you take the time to prepare your question you'll often find that your response will be equally informative.

   Don't ask to ask, just ask.
   Tell us what revision you are using.
   Tell us what OS you are running.
   Give a clear description of the problem.

And Then?

Please do not reward the generosity of your fellow users by repeatedly asking for help. We are not here to spoon feed you.

Credits to MaNGOS for the rule set.