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The `creature_addon` table

The creature_addon and creature_template_addon tables define different things that are applied on creatures when they are loaded. These "different things" can be for example to have the creature be mounted, to have it emote something, to have it display an aura effect, etc. Through the use of the fields in this table, many things can be changed about the outward visual appearance of the creature. The creature_template_addon table affects all creatures with that creature template ID while the creature_addon table affects individually spawned creatures (so that two creatures using the same template can look different).

NOTE: A creature_addon record will override a creature_template_addon record should they overlap on the same creature.

NOTICE: The data for this table is largely incomplete and is mostly just a regurgitation of what the client receives from the server. This article is a WIP as to what all the possible values are.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
guid/entry int(10)/medumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0
path_id int(11) unsigned NO 0
mount mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
bytes1 int(10) unsigned NO 0
bytes2 int(10) unsigned NO 0
emote int(10) unsigned NO 0
auras text unsigned YES

Description of the fields


For creature_addon, this field signifies a unique creature guid. It will affect just that creature whose GUID matches the one specified here. For creature_template_addon, this field signifies the creature template ID. It will affect all spawned creatures using that template ID.


If a creature has waypoint pathed movement, this field hold the for the path the creature is to follow.


The model ID of the mount to be used to make the creature appear mounted. The value here overrides the value for the creature's unit field UNIT_FIELD_MOUNTDISPLAYID.


The value here overrides the value for the creature's unit field UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_1.

List of known values and what their visual effects on the creature

  • 1 = Sitting
  • 3 = Sleep
  • 7 = Shows health bar as empty (combine with the state dead emote to make a creature look dead)
  • 8 = Makes the mob kneel
  • 9 = Submerges the creature below the ground
  • 33554432 = Hover mode (NYI in core)


The value here overrides the value for the creature's unit field UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_2.

List of few known values and what their visual effects on the creature

  • 0 = STATE_UNARMED (not prepared weapon)
  • 1 = STATE_MELEE (prepared melee weapon)
  • 2 = STATE_RANGED (prepared ranged weapon)


Emote ID that the creature should continually perform.

List of often used emote IDs and what they do can be found here.


This field controls any auras to be applied on the creature (both in effect and visually). To apply multiple auras, you can add more aura entries, separating each entry by a space. Remember that if a spell applies multiple auras.

List of useful aura entries (examples):

  • '16380' - Makes the creature invisible.
  • '18950' - Makes the creature detect other invisible units (players or creatures).
  • '16380 18950' - Both auras above