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The `character_reputation` table

This table holds the reputation information for each character.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
guid int(10) unsigned PRI NO 0 Global Unique Identifier
faction smallint(5) unsigned PRI NO 0
standing int(11) signed NO 0
flags smallint(5) unsigned NO 0

Description of the fields


The GUID of the character. See characters.guid


The faction ID that the character has the given reputation in. See Faction.dbc


The current reputation value that the character has.


This field is a bitmask containing flags that apply to the faction and how it's displayed to the character. Just like any flag field, you can combine flags by adding them together. If this field is 0, then it is not shown in the reputation list in-game.

Flag Name Comments
1 FACTION_FLAG_VISIBLE Displayed in the reputation tab
2 FACTION_FLAG_AT_WAR Active when the player sets the at war checkbox
4 FACTION_FLAG_HIDDEN Hidden faction from reputation pane in client
8 FACTION_FLAG_INVISIBLE_FORCED Always overwrites FACTION_FLAG_VISIBLE and hide faction in rep.list
64 FACTION_FLAG_RIVAL Flag for the two competing outland factions
128 FACTION_FLAG_SPECIAL Horde and alliance home cities and their northrend allies have this flag