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The `spell_ranks` table

Table used by the core for grouping ranked spells in spellbook, aura stacking checks, some tables data loading, in one word everywhere where spell ranks(gray text you see in game in ranked spells) are used. In this table spell rank chain has linear structure (there can be only one rank 2 of a spell), and one spell cannot belong to 2 different rank chains.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
first_spell_id int(10) unsigned PRI NO 0
spell_id int(10) unsigned NO 0
rank tinyint(3) unsigned PRI NO 0

Description of the fields


SpellId from Spell.dbc which is first rank of spell rank chain, identifies the whole chain.


SpellId from Spell.dbc


An integer which tells the core which rank of a spell rank chain is SpellId in `spell_id` column. Can be different from rank text in game (some ranks in client begin with 0, here only with 1). There must be at least 2 ranks defined for spell rank chain, one of them has to be first rank, there must be all ranks defined between highest and lowest `rank` column value for a spell rank chain.