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The `npc_vendor` table

This table holds the vendor data for all NPCs that sell items. The price for each item is in its item template as BuyPrice or as ExtendedCost


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
entry mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0
slot smallint(6) signed NO 0
item mediumint(8) signed PRI NO 0
maxcount tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
incrtime int(10) unsigned NO 0
ExtendedCost mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0

Description of the fields


The ID of the creature. See creature_template.entry


Position of the item when the vendor window opens (order from top-left to bottom.right of the window with values 0 and then 1,2,3,etc).


The item ID. See item_template.entry


The maximum number of copies of the item the vendor has available to be sold. If 0, then it is an unlimited number of copies.


Combined with maxcount, this field tells how often (in seconds) the vendor list is refreshed and the limited item copies are restocked. For limited item copies, every refresh, the quantity is increased by item_template.BuyCount


The value here corresponds to the ID in ItemExtendedCost.dbc and that ID controls the item's non monetary price, be it honor points, arena points, different types of badges, other items or any combination of the above.