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The `npc_spellclick_spells` table

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Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment'
npc_entry int(10) unsigned NO NULL reference to creature_template
spell_id int(10) unsigned NO NULL spell which should be casted
cast_flags tinyint(3) unsigned NO NULL first bit defines caster: 1=player, 0=creature; second bit defines target, same mapping as caster bit
user_type smallint(3) unsigned NO 0 relation with summoner: 0-no 1-friendly 2-raid 3-party player can click

Description of the fields


Reference to creature_template.entry


The spell which should be cast.


On every spellclick event a player and a creature "participate". This field defines who casts the spell on who. Lower bit defines caster: 1=player, 0=creature; higher bit defines target, same mapping as caster bit. You can use that table for the actual value:

Caster Target cast_flags value
Creature Creature 0
Player Creature 1
Creature Player 2
Player Player 3


Relation with summoner: defines who is able to use this spellclick.

Value Description
0 Only self
1 Friendly
2 Raid
3 Party