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The `instance_template` table

This table has all the templates for every instance. When a group enters an instance, a new copy of that instance is made from the values in these fields.

If you want to change the spot you will start in when you enter/leave an instance, go to areatrigger_teleport


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
map int(10) unsigned NO NULL
parent bigint(10) unsigned NO 0
script varchar(128) signed NO NULL
allowMount tinyiny(1) signed NO 0

Description of the fields


The map ID of the instance. See Maps.dbc


If the instance is a subinstance of another instance, this field has the parent instance's map ID.


The name of the instance script that the instance will use and apply (if any).


0 = you can enter on mount and will not get dismounted on enter

1 = you can't enter on mount and get dismounted on enter