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The `game_tele` table

This table contains a list of teleport locations that can be used with the .tele command in-game. Entries in this table can be added/deleted manually or with the .addtele/.deltele commands.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
id mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO NULL Auto increment
position_x float signed NO 0
position_y float signed NO 0
position_z float signed NO 0
orientation float signed NO 0
map smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
name varchar(100) signed NO NULL

Description of the fields


The ID of the teleport location. This number is unique to every location added.


The X position where the location exists.


The Y position where the location exists.


The Z position where the location exists.


The orientation to face after teleport.

(North = 0, South = 3.14159)


The map ID of the location.


The name given to the location. The name must not have a space as this will be read in from the .tele command.