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The `creature_model_info` table

This table contains all models of mobs, their gender and other information that are model related. This means that when a creature uses another model, this information will change as well.


Field Type Attribute Key Null Default Comment
modelid mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0
bounding_radius float signed NO 0
combat_reach float signed NO 0
gender tinyint(3) unsigned NO 2
modelid_other_gender mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0

Description of the fields


Display ID from CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc


This field is unused. It's purpose is currently unknown. It may or may not be linked to path-finding.


This value is the unit's radius in term of game mechanics: The bigger this value is, the higher the unit's range is and also the further away it can get hit from.


Gender of the creature

  • 0: Male
  • 1: Female
  • 2: None


Point to Creature_model_info.modelid.
When the entry is gender male (0) or female (1), this value can point to the opposite gender counterpart.