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The `characters` table

This table holds vital static information for each character. This information loaded and used to create the player objects in-game.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
guid int(10) unsigned PRI NO 0 Unique Global Unique Identifier
account int(10) unsigned NO 0 Account Identifier
name varchar(12) signed NO NULL
race tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
class tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
gender tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
level tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
xp int(10) unsigned NO 0
money int(10) unsigned NO 0
playerBytes int(10) unsigned NO 0
playerBytes2 int(10) unsigned NO 0
playerFlags int(10) unsigned NO 0
position_x float signed NO 0
position_y float signed NO 0
position_z float signed NO 0
map smallint(5) unsigned NO 0 Map Identifier
instance_id int(10) unsigned NO 0
instance_mode_mask tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
orientation float signed NO 0
taximask text signed NO NULL
online tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
cinematic tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
totaltime int(10) unsigned NO 0
leveltime int(10) unsigned NO 0
logout_time int(10) unsigned NO 0
is_logout_resting tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
rest_bonus float signed NO 0
resettalents_cost int(10) unsigned NO 0
resettalents_time int(0) unsigned NO 0
trans_x float signed NO 0
trans_y float signed NO 0
trans_z float signed NO 0
trans_o float signed NO 0
transguid mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
extra_flags smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
stable_slots tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
at_login smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
zone smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
death_expire_time int(10) unsigned NO 0
taxi_path text signed YES NULL
arenaPoints int(10) unsigned NO 0
totalHonorPoints int(10) unsigned NO 0
todayHonorPoints int(10) unsigned NO 0
yesterdayHonorPoints int(10) unsigned NO 0
totalKills int(10) unsigned NO 0
todayKills smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
yesterdayKills smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
chosenTitle int(10) unsigned NO 0
knownCurrencies bigint(20) unsigned NO 0
watchedFaction int(10) unsigned NO 0
drunk smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
health int(10) unsigned NO 0
power1 int(10) unsigned NO 0
power2 int(10) unsigned NO 0
power3 int(10) unsigned NO 0
power4 int(10) unsigned NO 0
power5 int(10) unsigned NO 0
power6 int(10) unsigned NO 0
power7 int(10) unsigned NO 0
latency mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
speccount tinyint(3) unsigned NO 1
activespec tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
exploredZones longtext signed YES
equipmentCache longtext signed YES
ammoId int(10) unsigned NO 0
knownTitles longtext signed YES
actionBars tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
grantableLevels tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
deleteInfos_Account int(10) unsigned YES NULL
deleteInfos_Name varchar(12) unsigned YES NULL
deleteDate int(10) signed YES NULL

Description of the fields


The character global unique identifier. This number must be unique and is the best way to identify separate characters.


The account ID in which this character resides. See in the auth database.


The name of the character.


The race of the character. See ChrRaces.dbc


The class of the character: ChrClasses.dbc


The gender of the character. 0 = Male, 1 = Female, 2 = Unknown(?)


The level of the character.


The amount of experience this character has earned towards the next level.


The amount of copper this character has.


contains data about the skincolor,facestyle,hairstyle and haircolor of the character

  • skinColor = playerbytes  % 256
  • faceStyle = (playerbytes >> 8) % 256
  • hairStyle = (playerbytes >> 16) % 256
  • hairColor = (playerbytes >> 24) % 256


data about facial hair

  • facialHair = playerBytes2 % 256


A bitmask that represents what Player flags the player has. Each bit controls a different flag and to combine flags, you can add each flag that you want, in effect activating the respective bits.

Flag Name Comment
2 0x00000002 PLAYER_FLAGS_AFK
4 0x00000004 PLAYER_FLAGS_DND
8 0x00000008 PLAYER_FLAGS_GM
16 0x00000010 PLAYER_FLAGS_GHOST
64 0x00000040 PLAYER_FLAGS_UNK7
128 0x00000080 PLAYER_FLAGS_UNK8 pre-3.0.3 PLAYER_FLAGS_FFA_PVP flag for FFA PVP state
256 0x00000100 PLAYER_FLAGS_CONTESTED_PVP Player has been involved in a PvP combat and will be attacked by contested guards
512 0x00000200 PLAYER_FLAGS_IN_PVP
1024 0x00000400 PLAYER_FLAGS_HIDE_HELM
4096 0x00001000 PLAYER_FLAGS_PLAYED_LONG_TIME played long time
8192 0x00002000 PLAYER_FLAGS_TOO_LONG played too long time
32768 0x00008000 PLAYER_FLAGS_DEVELOPER <Dev> prefix for something?
65536 0x00010000 PLAYER_FLAGS_UNK17 pre-3.0.3 PLAYER_FLAGS_SANCTUARY flag for player entered sanctuary
131072 0x00020000 PLAYER_FLAGS_TAXI_BENCHMARK taxi benchmark mode (on/off) (2.0.1)
262144 0x00040000 PLAYER_FLAGS_PVP_TIMER 3.0.2, pvp timer active (after you disable pvp manually)
524288 0x00080000 PLAYER_FLAGS_UNK20
1048576 0x00100000 PLAYER_FLAGS_UNK21
2097152 0x00200000 PLAYER_FLAGS_UNK22
4194304 0x00400000 PLAYER_FLAGS_COMMENTATOR2
8388608 0x00800000 PLAYER_ALLOW_ONLY_ABILITY used by bladestorm and killing spree
16777216 0x01000000 PLAYER_FLAGS_UNK25 disabled all melee ability on tab include autoattack
33554432 0x02000000 PLAYER_FLAGS_NO_XP_GAIN


The x position of the character's location.


The y position of the character's location.


The z position of the character's location.


The map ID the character is in.


The instance ID the character is currently in and bound to


The current dungeon difficulty that the player is in. This field is bitmask. Values are put together, however, only two of four should be used at once. This description may not be 100% correct.

Flag Comment
0 Normal
1 Heroic
16 10 man
32 25 man


The orientation the character is facing. (North = 0.0, South = 3.14159)


Known taxi nodes separated with space


Records whether the character is online (1) or offline (0).


Boolean 1 or 0 controlling whether the start cinematic has been shown or not.


The total time that the character has been active in the world, measured in seconds.


The total time the character has spent in the world at the current level, measured in seconds.


The time when the character last logged out, measured in Unix time.


Boolean 1 or 0 controlling if the character is currently in a resting zone or not.


The cumulated bonus of rested rate for gaining experience.


The cost for the character to reset its talents, measured in copper.


This field has no description. You can help wiki by clicking here to describe this field, if you have permissions.


The x position of the transport this character was on when they were last saved.


The y position of the transport this character was on when they were last saved.


The z position of the transport this character was on when they were last saved.


The orientation of the transport this character was on when they were last saved.


The global unique identifier of the transport this character was on when they were last saved.


These flags control certain player specific attributes, mostly GM features

Flag Name Description
1 0x00000001 PLAYER_EXTRA_GM_ON Defines GM state
2 0x00000002 PLAYER_EXTRA_GM_ACCEPT_TICKETS NO LONGER USED Defines if tickets are accepted
4 0x00000004 PLAYER_EXTRA_ACCEPT_WHISPERS Defines if whispers are accepted
8 0x00000008 PLAYER_EXTRA_TAXICHEAT Sets taxicheat
16 0x00000010 PLAYER_EXTRA_GM_INVISIBLE Control's GM's invisibly
32 0x00000020 PLAYER_EXTRA_GM_CHAT Show GM badge in chat messages
64 0x00000040 PLAYER_EXTRA_HAS_310_FLYER Marks if player already has 310% speed flying mount
256 0x00000100 PLAYER_EXTRA_PVP_DEATH Store PvP death status until corpse creating


The Stable Slots available (bought) at the Stable Master.


This field is a bitmask controlling different actions taken once a player logs in with the character.

Flag Name Description
1 0x01 AT_LOGIN_RENAME Force character to change name
2 0x02 AT_LOGIN_RESET_SPELLS Reset spells (professions as well)
4 0x04 AT_LOGIN_RESET_TALENTS Reset talents
8 0x08 AT_LOGIN_CUSTOMIZE Customize Characters
16 0x10 AT_LOGIN_RESET_PET_TALENTS Reset pet talents
32 0x20 AT_LOGIN_FIRST Set at and removed after first login
64 0x40 AT_LOGIN_CHANGE_FACTION Faction change
128 0x80 AT_LOGIN_CHANGE_RACE Race change

For multiple actions, add values together.


The zone ID the character is in.


Time when a character can be resurrected in case of a server crash or client exit while in ghost form, measured in Unix time.


Stores the players current taxi path (TaxiPath.dbc) if logged off while on one.


The amount of arena points this character has stored up, and will receive next time arena points are distributed.


The amount of honor points this character has got


The amount of honor points this character has got today


The amount of honor points this character has got yesterday


The amount of players this character has killed


The amount of players this character has killed today


The amount of players this character has killed yesterday


Current title, using the bit_index field (InGameOrder in CharTitles.dbc)


Known currencies (what to be listed in the Currency tab), bitmask of BitIndexes, see CurrencyTypes.dbc


Tracked faction at experience bar (using reputation ID, see Faction.dbc)


Character's drunk state, 0-65535


The characters current health.


Current character powers (snapshot from when the character was saved)

Field Power name
power1 Mana
power2 Rage
power3 Focus
power4 Energy
power5 Happiness
power6 Runes
power7 Runic Power


This characters latency, or ping, in milliseconds, as of the last update.


The number of specs this character has access to. Default value is 1. Maximum currently supported value is 2. Should never be 0 (this is a sign of a character created before the dual spec system.)


The currently activated spec for this character, spec = 0 is the first spec, spec = 1 is the second spec.


Bitmasks of explored zones (1 bit for explored, 0 bit for unexplored)


This field has no description. You can help wiki by clicking here to describe this field, if you have permissions.


Template ID of the ammo item


contains data about known Titles stored in 6 "16bit" integers to calculate where a knownTitle is in one of those 6 integers you do the following: we select one of the titles from CharTitles.dbc, take Shattered Sun title for example...

TitleID UnkRef? MaleTitle FemaleTitle InGameOrder
63 6806 %s of the Shattered Sun %s of the Shattered Sun 38

we use the InGameOrder to calculate it: 38/32=1 means you'll have to edit the 2nd integer from left because counting is from 0 to 5 "0 0 0 0 0 0" now that we have selected which integer has the Title stored in we have to calculate in which bit it is stored with modulo 38%32=6 meaning the 7th bit from the right (counting starts from 0, 0000000000000000) will store the Shattered Sun title. This would mean if you only have the Shattered Sun title this row would have: "0 128 0 0 0 0" stored (or simple said 26=128)


A bitmask that contains visible actionbars for the player

Flag Comment
1 0x00000001 Bottom Left Bar
2 0x00000002 Bottom Right Bar
4 0x00000004 Rigth Bar
8 0x00000008 Right Bar 2




Stores the account id if the character is deleted and CharDelete.Method in worldserver.conf is set to 1.


Stores the name of character if the character is deleted and CharDelete.Method in worldserver.conf is set to 1.


Stores the date when the character was deleted and CharDelete.Method in worldserver.conf is set to 1. Will be checked by worldserver against CharDelete.KeepDays in worldserver.conf. If this value is lower then deleteDate + CharDelete.KeepDays the character will be purged.