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Back to world database list of tables.

The `item_template` table

Holds information on every item that exists in the game. All items are created from their template stored in this table.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Extra Comment
entry mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0
class tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
subclass tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
unk0 int(11) signed NO -1
name varchar(255) signed NO NULL
displayid mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
Quality tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
Flags bigint(20) signed NO 0
FlagsExtra int(10) unsigned NO 0
BuyCount tinyint(3) unsigned NO 1
BuyPrice bigint(20) signed NO 0
SellPrice int(10) unsigned NO 0
InventoryType tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
AllowableClass int(11) signed NO -1
AllowableRace int(11) signed NO -1
ItemLevel smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
RequiredLevel tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
RequiredSkill smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
RequiredSkillRank smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
requiredspell mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
requiredhonorrank mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
RequiredCityRank mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
RequiredReputationFaction smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
RequiredReputationRank smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
maxcount int(11) signed NO 0
stackable int(11) signed NO 1
ContainerSlots smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
StatsCount tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_type1 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value1 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type2 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value2 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type3 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value3 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type4 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value4 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type5 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value5 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type6 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value6 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type7 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value7 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type8 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value8 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type9 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value9 smallint(6) signed NO 0
stat_type10 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
stat_value10 smallint(6) signed NO 0
ScalingStatDistribution smallint(6) signed NO 0
ScalingStatValue int(6) unsigned NO 0
dmg_min1 float signed NO 0
dmg_max1 float signed NO 0
dmg_type1 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
dmg_min2 float signed NO 0
dmg_max2 float signed NO 0
dmg_type2 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
armor smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
holy_res tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
fire_res tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
nature_res tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
frost_res tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
shadow_res tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
arcane_res tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
delay smallint(5) unsigned NO 1000
ammo_type tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
RangedModRange float signed NO 0
spellid_1 mediumint(8) signed NO 0
spelltrigger_1 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
spellcharges_1 smallint(4) signed NO 0
spellppmRate_1 float signed NO 0
spellcooldown_1 int(11) signed NO -1
spellcategory_1 smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
spellcategorycooldown_1 int(11) signed NO -1
spellid_2 mediumint(8) signed NO 0
spelltrigger_2 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
spellcharges_2 smallint(4) signed NO 0
spellppmRate_2 float signed NO 0
spellcooldown_2 int(11) signed NO -1
spellcategory_2 smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
spellcategorycooldown_2 int(11) signed NO -1
spellid_3 mediumint(8) signed NO 0
spelltrigger_3 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
spellcharges_3 smallint(4) signed NO 0
spellppmRate_3 float signed NO 0
spellcooldown_3 int(11) signed NO -1
spellcategory_3 smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
spellcategorycooldown_3 int(11) signed NO -1
spellid_4 mediumint(8) signed NO 0
spelltrigger_4 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
spellcharges_4 smallint(4) signed NO 0
spellppmRate_4 float signed NO 0
spellcooldown_4 int(11) signed NO -1
spellcategory_4 smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
spellcategorycooldown_4 int(11) signed NO -1
spellid_5 mediumint(8) signed NO 0
spelltrigger_5 tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
spellcharges_5 smallint(4) signed NO 0
spellppmRate_5 float signed NO 0
spellcooldown_5 int(11) signed NO -1
spellcategory_5 smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
spellcategorycooldown_5 int(11) signed NO -1
bonding tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
description varchar(255) signed NO NULL
PageText mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
LanguageID tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
PageMaterial tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
startquest mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
lockid mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
Material tinyint(4) signed NO 0
sheath tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
RandomProperty mediumint(8) signed NO 0
RandomSuffix mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
block mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
itemset mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
MaxDurability smallint(5) unsigned NO 0
area mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
Map smallint(6) signed NO 0
BagFamily mediumint(9) signed NO 0
TotemCategory mediumint(9) signed NO 0
socketColor_1 tinyint(4) signed NO 0
socketContent_1 mediumint(9) signed NO 0
socketColor_2 tinyint(4) signed NO 0
socketContent_2 mediumint(9) signed NO 0
socketColor_3 tinyint(4) signed NO 0
socketContent_3 mediumint(9) signed NO 0
socketBonus mediumint(9) signed NO 0
GemProperties mediumint(9) signed NO 0
RequiredDisenchantSkill smallint(6) signed NO -1
ArmorDamageModifier float signed NO 0
Duration int(11) signed NO 0 Duration in seconds. Negative value means realtime, postive value ingame time
ItemLimitCategory smallint(6) signed NO 0
HolidayId int(11) unsigned NO 0
ScriptName varchar(64) signed NO NULL
DisenchantID mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
FoodType tinyint(3) unsigned NO 0
minMoneyLoot int(10) unsigned NO 0
maxMoneyLoot int(10) unsigned NO 0
WDBVerified smallint(5) signed YES 1

Description of the fields


The ID of the item. This ID is unique between all templates.


The class of the item:

ID Name
0 Consumable
1 Container
2 Weapon
3 Gem
4 Armor
5 Reagent
6 Projectile
7 Trade Goods
8 Generic(OBSOLETE)
9 Recipe
10 Money(OBSOLETE)
11 Quiver
12 Quest
13 Key
14 Permanent(OBSOLETE)
15 Miscellaneous
16 Glyph


The subclass of the item. The following table lists all available subclass and class combinations and the subclass name.

Class ID Subclass ID Subclass Name Comments
0 0 Consumable Usability in combat is decided by the spell assigned.
0 1 Potion
0 2 Elixir
0 3 Flask
0 4 Scroll
0 5 Food & Drink
0 6 Item Enhancement
0 7 Bandage
0 8 Other
1 0 Bag
1 1 Soul Bag
1 2 Herb Bag
1 3 Enchanting Bag
1 4 Engineering Bag
1 5 Gem Bag
1 6 Mining Bag
1 7 Leatherworking Bag
1 8 Inscription Bag
2 0 Axe One handed
2 1 Axe Two handed
2 2 Bow
2 3 Gun
2 4 Mace One handed
2 5 Mace Two handed
2 6 Polearm
2 7 Sword One handed
2 8 Sword Two handed
2 9 Obsolete
2 10 Staff
2 11 Exotic
2 12 Exotic
2 13 Fist Weapon
2 14 Miscellaneous (Blacksmith Hammer, Mining Pick, etc.)
2 15 Dagger
2 16 Thrown
2 17 Spear
2 18 Crossbow
2 19 Wand
2 20 Fishing Pole
3 0 Red
3 1 Blue
3 2 Yellow
3 3 Purple
3 4 Green
3 5 Orange
3 6 Meta
3 7 Simple
3 8 Prismatic
4 0 Miscellaneous
4 1 Cloth
4 2 Leather
4 3 Mail
4 4 Plate
4 5 Buckler(OBSOLETE)
4 6 Shield
4 7 Libram
4 8 Idol
4 9 Totem
4 10 Sigil
5 0 Reagent
6 0 Wand(OBSOLETE)
6 1 Bolt(OBSOLETE)
6 2 Arrow
6 3 Bullet
6 4 Thrown(OBSOLETE)
7 0 Trade Goods
7 1 Parts
7 2 Explosives
7 3 Devices
7 4 Jewelcrafting
7 5 Cloth
7 6 Leather
7 7 Metal & Stone
7 8 Meat
7 9 Herb
7 10 Elemental
7 11 Other
7 12 Enchanting
7 13 Materials
7 14 Armor Enchantment
7 15 Weapon Enchantment
8 0 Generic(OBSOLETE)
9 0 Book
9 1 Leatherworking
9 2 Tailoring
9 3 Engineering
9 4 Blacksmithing
9 5 Cooking
9 6 Alchemy
9 7 First Aid
9 8 Enchanting
9 9 Fishing
9 10 Jewelcrafting
10 0 Money(OBSOLETE)
11 0 Quiver(OBSOLETE)
11 1 Quiver(OBSOLETE)
11 2 Quiver Can hold arrows
11 3 Ammo Pouch Can hold bullets
12 0 Quest
13 0 Key
13 1 Lockpick
14 0 Permanent
15 0 Junk
15 1 Reagent
15 2 Pet
15 3 Holiday
15 4 Other
15 5 Mount
16 1 Warrior
16 2 Paladin
16 3 Hunter
16 4 Rogue
16 5 Priest
16 6 Death Knight
16 7 Shaman
16 8 Mage
16 9 Warlock
16 11 Druid


This field has no description. You can help wiki by clicking here to describe this field, if you have permissions.

Leave default value


The item's name that will be displayed.


The model ID of the item. Each model has its own icon assigned so this field controls both the model appearance and the icon.


The quality of the item: (NOTE: Must also have flags = 134221824 set when using Bind To Account)

ID Color Quality
0 Grey Poor
1 White Common
2 Green Uncommon
3 Blue Rare
4 Purple Epic
5 Orange Legendary
6 Red Artifact
7 Gold Bind to Account


Bitmask field that contains flags that the item has on it. As all other such fields, just add the flags together to combine them. Possible flags are listed below.

Flag Comments
1 Soulbound
2 Conjured
4 Lootable (can be opened by right-click)
8 Heroic
16 Deprecated Item
32 Totem
64 Activatable with right-click
256 Wrapper
1024 Gifts
2048 Item is party loot and can be looted by all
4096 Item is refundable
8192 Charter (Arena or Guild)
32768 PvP reward item
524288 Unique equipped (player can only have one equipped at the same time)
4194304 Throwable (for tooltip ingame)
8388608 Special Use
134221824 Bind on Account (Also needs Quality = 7 set)
268435456 For enchant scrolls
536870912 Millable
2147483648 Bind on Pickup tradeable


0 == Either team

1 == Horde

2 == Alliance

4 == When item uses ExtendedCost in npc_vendor, gold is also required

256 == Makes need roll for this item disabled


The size of the item stack when sold by vendors. Also if a vendor has limited copies of this item available, everytime the vendor list is refreshed (See npc_vendor.incrtime), the number of copies increases by this number.


The price required to pay to buy this item from a vendor, in copper.


The price that the vendor will pay you for the item when you sell it and if it is possible to be sold, in copper. Put in 0 if the item cannot be sold to a vendor.


In what slot the item can be equipped.

ID Slot Name ID Slot Name
0 Non equipable 15 Ranged (Bows)
1 Head 16 Back
2 Neck 17 Two-Hand
3 Shoulder 18 Bag
4 Shirt 19 Tabard
5 Chest 20 Robe
6 Waist 21 Main hand
7 Legs 22 Off hand
8 Feet 23 Holdable (Tome)
9 Wrists 24 Ammo
10 Hands 25 Thrown
11 Finger 26 Ranged right (Wands, Guns)
12 Trinket 27 Quiver
13 Weapon 28 Relic
14 Shield


Bitmask controlling which classes can use this item. Add ids together to combine class possibilities. Use -1 if all classes can use it. ChrClasses.dbc


Bitmask controlling which races can use this item. Add ids together to combine race possibilities. Use -1 for all races. ChrRaces.dbc


Base item level.


Required level the player has to be to use this item.


The skill required to use this item. See SkillLine.dbc


The required skill rank the player needs to have to use this item.


The required spell that the player needs to have to use this item.


The honor rank the player needs to have to use this item.


This field has no description. You can help wiki by clicking here to describe this field, if you have permissions.


The faction template ID (from Faction.dbc) of the faction that the player has to have a certain ranking with. If this value is 0, the faction of the seller of the item is used.


The rank the player has to have with the faction from RequiredReputationFaction.

ID Rank
0 Hated
1 Hostile
2 Unfriendly
3 Neutral
4 Friendly
5 Honored
6 Revered
7 Exalted


Maximum number of copies of this item a player can have. Use 0 for infinite.


The number of copies of this item that can be stacked in the same slot.


If the item is a bag, this field controls the number of slots the bag has.


When an item has entries in stat_type, this must be updated to display those entries (Unknown how this works)


The type of stat to modify.

ID Stat Type
40 ITEM_MOD_FERAL_ATTACK_POWER (not used as of 3.3)


The value to change the stat type to.


Similar to Static Stats these are the Stats that grow along with the users level (mainly heirloom leveling gear) use like static stats


Final (level 80) value of the scaling-stat


The minimum damage of the item.


The maximum damage of the item.


The damage type that the item uses.

ID Damage Type
0 Physical
1 Holy
2 Fire
3 Nature
4 Frost
5 Shadow
6 Arcane


The armor value of the item.


Holy resistance.


Fire resistance.


Nature resistance.


Frost resistance.


Shadow resistance.


Arcane resistance.


The time in milliseconds between successive hits.


The type of ammunition the item uses. Arrows = 2; Bullets = 3


Range-Modefier for bows/guns/crossbows:

Default range is somewhere between 0.3 and 0.4 yards,

all blizzard ranged weapons have RangedModRange==100


The spell ID of the spell that the item can cast or trigger.


The type of trigger for the spell.

ID Trigger Type
0 Use
1 On Equip
2 Chance on Hit
4 Soulstone
5 Use with no delay
6 Learn Spell ID


The number of times that the item can cast the spell. If 0, then infinite charges are possible. If negative, then after the number of charges is depleted, the item is deleted as well. If positive, then the item is not deleted after all the charges are spent.


The proc per minute rate controlling how often the spell is triggered (if #spelltrigger == 2).


The cooldown in milliseconds for the specific spell controlling how often the spell can be used. Use -1 to use the default spell cooldown. Note: this is not the "internal cooldown" of procs commonly found on items such as trinkets with "Chance on hit" effects.


The category that the spell is in.


The cooldown time in milliseconds that is applied to all other spells in the category that the triggered spell is also in. Use -1 to use the default spell cooldown.


The bonding for the item.

ID Bonding Type
0 No bounds
1 Binds when picked up
2 Binds when equipped
3 Binds when used
4 Quest item
5 Quest Item1


The description that appears in orange letters at the bottom of the item tooltip.


The ID referring to the text that the item will show (if it is a book or a letter, etc). The item will have a magnifying glass cursor in the game and will show the text when right-clicked. See page_text.entry


The language that the item text is written in. Languages.dbc


The background texture that appears in the page text window. PageTextMaterial.dbc


The ID of the quest that this item will start if right-clicked. See


The lock entry ID that this item (which serves as a key) is tied to. This field is used in key-door mechanics. See Lock.dbc


The material that the item is made of. The value here affects the sound that the item makes when moved. Use -1 for consumable items like food, reagents, etc.

ID Material
-1 Consumables [Food, Reagents etc..]
0 Not Defined
1 Metal
2 Wood
3 Liquid
4 Jewelry
5 Chain
6 Plate
7 Cloth
8 Leather


Controls how the item is put away on the character (pressing the 'Z' hotkey).

ID Type Position
1 Two Handed Weapon Diagonally accross the back pointing down
2 Staff Diagonally accross the back poiting up
3 One Handed To the side
4 Shield On the back in the middle
5 Enchanter's Rod
6 Off hand On the other side of One Handed


The number in this field points to item_enchantment_template.entry and ties in an item's chance at having a random property attached to it when it shows up for the first time. This field and the RandomSuffix field CANNOT both have non-zero values. Either one is filled, or the other. Also, the primary source for the number in this field are WDBs.


The number in this field points to item_enchantment_template.entry and ties in an item's chance at having a random suffix attached to it when it shows up for the first time. This field and the RandomProperty field CANNOT both have non-zero values. Either one is filled, or the other. Also, the primary source for the number in this field are WDBs.


If the item is a shield, the block chance of the shield.


The ID of the item set that this item belongs to. To save you some time, you CAN NOT make up new item sets. Item sets are defined in ItemSet.dbc


The maximum durability of this item.


The zone ID that this item can be used in.


The map ID that this item can be used in.


If the item is a bag, this field is a bitmask controlling what types of items can be put in this bag. You can combine different types by adding up the bit numbers.

ID Bag Family Mask
0 None
1 Arrows
2 Bullets
4 Soul Shards
8 Leatherworking Supplies
16 Inscription Supplies
32 Herbs
64 Enchanting Supplies
128 Engineering Supplies
256 Keys
512 Gems
1024 Mining Supplies
2048 Soulbound Equipment
4096 Vanity Pets
8192 Currency Tokens
16384 Quest Items


Corresponds to the ID in TotemCategory.dbc.

ID Name
1 Skinning Knife (OLD)
2 Earth Totem
3 Air Totem
4 Fire Totem
5 Water Totem
6 Runed Copper Rod
7 Runed Silver Rod
8 Runed Golden Rod
9 Runed Truesilver Rod
10 Runed Arcanite Rod
11 Mining Pick (OLD)
12 Philosopher's Stone
13 Blacksmith Hammer (OLD)
14 Arclight Spanner
15 Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor
21 Master Totem
41 Runed Fel Iron Rod
62 Runed Adamantite Rod
63 Runed Eternium Rod
81 Hollow Quill
101 Runed Azurite Rod
121 Virtuoso Inking Set
141 Drums
161 Gnomish Army Knife
162 Blacksmith Hammer
165 Mining Pick
166 Skinning Knife
167 Hammer Pick
168 Bladed Pickaxe
169 Flint and Tinder
189 Runed Cobalt Rod
190 Runed Titanium Rod


The color of the socket that can be placed in this item.

ID Color
1 Meta
2 Red
4 Yellow
8 Blue


Ammount of Gems of SocketColor1


commonly used socket bonus IDs

ID Effect
3312 +8 Strength
3313 +8 Agility
3305 +12 Stamina
3353 +8 Intellect
2872 +9 Healing
3753 +9 Spell Power
3877 +16 Attack Power


The value here corresponds to the ID in GemProperties.dbc.


The required proficiency in disenchanting that the player needs to have to be able to disenchant this item.


This field has no description. You can help wiki by clicking here to describe this field, if you have permissions.


The duration of the item in seconds. If positive, it is the duration measured in ingame time. If negative, it is the duration measured in real time.


This field has no description. You can help wiki by clicking here to describe this field, if you have permissions.


See Holiday.dbc


The name of the script that the item should use. There is no 'internalitemhandler' or 'internalitemhanler' script so trinity will ignore any such values in this field.


The disenchant loot template ID. See disenchant_loot_template.entry


If this item is a food type item, this field defines what type of food it is for hunters who want to feed their pets. It controls in what diet this food item falls in.

NOTE: Raw meat and fish is not the same as regular meat and fish. It seems that the last two types of diets include grey "poor" types of food that players have no use for but some pets seem to be able to eat. Also, those food types appeared in TBC so most likely only TBC pets will have those types of diets.

ID Type
1 Meat
2 Fish
3 Cheese
4 Bread
5 Fungus
6 Fruit
7 Raw Meat
8 Raw Fish


If the item is a container that can contain money, then this field defines the minimum coinage held in this container, in copper.


If the item is a container that can contain money, then this field defines the maximum coinage held in this container, in copper.


This field is used by the TrinityDB Team to determine whether a template has been verified from WDB files. Not sure if it is used by Skyfire. It is best to get the correct data to add to database rather than waste time with wrong info.

If value is 0 then it has not been parsed yet.

If value is above 0 then it has been parsed with WDB files from that specific client build.

If value is -1 then it is just a place holder until proper data are found on WDBs.

If value is - client build then it was parsed with WDB files from that specific client build and manually edited later for some special necessity.