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what are mmaps: mmaps is short for movement maps...

this is the handling of creature pathfinding and pathing. for more info: [navmesh]( and [CritterAI](

what this means in simple terms is it stops mobs and creatures from going through the walls,

and sticking to los (line of sight - collision maps).

videos are for demonstration purpose only.

1. [video example 1](

2. [video example 2](

3. [video example with playerbots (NYI)](

4. [video example with mmaps disabled](

5. [video example with mmaps enabled](

How extract mmaps. (mmaps2 branch)

  • after you have everything built extract maps and dbc's the same as you always have.
  • extract the vmaps and assemble as you always have. (save the Buildings dir this will be used later)
  • in you BIN dir (server directory) *data/ dir (directory holding your maps and dbcs)

copy mmaps_extractor to this location,

  • add the libmysql/ace.dll to *data dir. ( it is needed for mmaps_extractor to run)
  • create an empty folder named mmaps. (this is where all generated mmaps tiles will go)
  • now move everything from inside buildings directory into your vmaps folder...(*data/vmaps)

and run the mmaps_extractor...

  • last step the easiest of all, just kick back with a movie, and wait til it finishes.

(Note: for some depending on your machine, this could be a very long wait).