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Before you get scared by this long guide, we assure you the procedure is quite simple. Most of the following steps are to be performed only the first time you install SkyFireEMU and only the SkyFireEMU updating procedures will need to be run from time to time.

After the first few times everyone gets used to the procedure and never needs to look at this guide ever again.

Software Required[edit]

  1. Git
    You can also use TortoiseGit that is more compatible with Windows (8).

  2. Install the compiler Visual C++ 2017 Community Here.

  3. OpenSSL
    • Do NOT use the light version!
    • Download the 32bit version if you have a 32bit compiler or the 64bit bit version if you have a 64bit compiler.
    Note: If you have a 32-bit compiler, but a 64-bit OS and use the OpenSSL MSI installer for 32-bit, you will need to use the "?:\Program Files\OpenSSL" directory instead of the default "?:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSSL" setting in the installer.
    • You may have to download and install one of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for OpenSSL to work.

  4. CMake

  5. MySQL Server
    • You can use MySQL Community Server or third party packages such as WAMP or XAMPP
    • It's recommended that your MySQL server and the MySQL header source versions match.
    • Current SkyFire core MySQL header version: 5.5.9
    • Do NOT download the Essentials package or compiling will NOT happen and you will have problems. As quoted on the MySQL page:
      The Windows "msi-essential-*" installers do not include: Instance Manager tool, Documentation, Development headers etc.
    • Download the 32bit version if you have a 32bit compiler or the 64bit version if you have a 64bit compiler.
    • If you are just planning on updating the MySQL header source and plan on using another server or package like WAMP or XAMPP, all you need to install is Client C API library (shared) under Development Components when doing a Custom Setup.

  6. .NET Framework 3.5 (You should already have this via your Windows updates.)

  7. SQL Client: HeidiSQL MySQL GUI Tools
    • DO NOT USE NAVICAT: Due to NaviCat not being able to handle // style comments (standard SQL), we advice all users to stay VERY clear of the product - you have been warned.

Software Recommended[edit]

git command help:

  • gitextensions
    • most popular with the community
  • tortoisegit
    • Makes pulling and cloning sources easier with right mouse clicks.
    • Also adds symbols over your folder and file icons to indicate if your source is inaccurate.
    • Note: You still need to install Git for this to work.