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Posted 12 March 2012 - 09:43 AM
Release Patch Notes: SkyFire DB NG Release <4> 2012_03_11

-- Quest fixes --

- Some make lemonade, some make liquor (Thx Nomad)

- Two by sea

- Betrayal at Tempests Reach

- Introductions are in Order

- Warchief's Command Board for Undercity (And associated quests for 406) (Thx Nomad)

-- Misc Fixes --
- Removed sleep (zzz) state from MANY npcs which do not require it (Thx Nomad)

- Moonleaf loot template fix (Thx Blizz-Power and Alterego)

-- Troll Starting Area --

- All npcs fighting tiki targets are now properly scripted in SAI

- Graveyard now implemented and functional

-- NPCS --

- Ango'rosh Ogre now has proper creature_text and SAI (Thx AriDev)
- Spawns added for Deathstalker Invaders
- James Stillair <Gryphon Master> and Hoboair <Gryphon Master> Faction corrections (Thx Blizz)
- Removed all creature templates for Non-Blizz-Like vendors (ones generally found at gm island)
- Tons of Gilnaes spawn corrections (Thx Blizz-Power and Alterego)

-- Added vendors --
-- Kerthunk <Blacksmithing Supplies> (Thx Kiper)
-- Cohanae <Leatherworking Supplies> (Thx Kiper)
-- Moro Sungrain <Trade Supplies> (Thx Kiper)
-- Provisioner Tria <General Goods Vendor> (Thx Kiper)
-- Cymerdi <Weapon Vendor> (Thx Kiper)

NOTE: The database corrections for this week's release are much smaller than usual. This is due to a big portion of our time this week being devoted to preparing our
tables for the upcoming port over of the new conditions system from Trinity. This list will likely be a lot longer in future releases.