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<big>'''The `achievement_reward` table'''</big>
<big>'''The `achievement_reward` table'''</big>

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The `achievement_reward` table

This table holds the information for awarding items to players via in-game mail when the earn certain achievements.


Field Type Attributes Key Null Default Comment
entry mediumint(8) unsigned PRI NO 0
title_A mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
title_H mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
item mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
sender mediumint(8) unsigned NO 0
subject varchar(225) signed YES
text text signed YES

Description of the fields


The ID# of the achievement. Found in Achievements.dbc.


The ID# of the title to award to Alliance players who gain the achievement. Found in CharTitles.dbc.


The ID# of the title to award to Horde players who gain the achievement. Found in CharTitles.dbc


The ID# of the item to be mailed to the player. Found in Item_template.


The ID# of the creature who sends the mail. Found in Creature_template.


The subject of the mail to be sent. 225 character limit.


The text contained in the mail to be sent.